Disaster Relief to assist with St. Louis Metro flood

Disaster Relief to assist with St. Louis Metro flood

By Richard Nations, MODR public information officer

Bridgeton — 13 inches of rain has fallen in the northern suburban part of the St. Louis metro region during in three days from July 25-28. Flooding of many basements occurred in several homes.  Roads have been closed temporarily and residents are struggling to recover from the deluge. 

Toby Tucker, the  MODR St. Louis regional coordinator is reporting that seven volunteers are onsite on Friday, July 29th at Fee Fee Baptist Church where a command center is being established. He said he has assessors going out and a feeding team is setting up.  They are expecting flood recovery volunteers to be working as early as Saturday.  They have 11 work orders currently.  

He said: “It is a real opportunity for us get us to get out and share the gospel.”

Gaylon Moss, MODR director said “Sudden catastrophic disasters remind us of the need to always be ready.  Not only in our earthly lives but also in our spiritual walk.”  

Tucker said flood recovery teams are on alert and are expected to be called in on Saturday.  Areas affected by the flooding are: Bridgeton, St. Peters, Hazelwood, Maplewood, University City and parts of the City of St. Louis.  Mobile reception areas for residents to sign up to receive flood recovery services are being set up in: First Baptist Church, Ferguson (on Saturday), O’Fallon Fire Station # 3 (on Sunday) and tentatively University City Fire Station (on Monday).  Tucker said people needing assistance may call the following number to request flood recovery services: 636-215-9246.