MODR Continues Assistance in Greenfield, IA

MODR Continues Assistance in Greenfield, IA

By Cindy Gladden

MODR volunteers are currently serving in the Greenfield, Iowa area where a devastating EF-3 tornado caused significant damage and loss of life Tuesday, May 21.

Toby Tucker, MODR white hat, said approximately one third of the residential area in the small Iowa town was damaged by the tornado. The Quick Response Unit has been deployed to the area, preparing more than 250 meals on Thursday. Tarps and totes have been given to residents to help protect damaged homes and gather personal items. Chainsaw units are being deployed.

Tucker said the presence of MODR chaplains is critical at this time. Residents and family members are just receiving permission to go back to their homes and emotions are high. Tucker said the city and relief agencies are preparing for volunteers arriving in the area over the holiday weekend to provide help to their neighbors. 

On Friday, MODR volunteers will hand out gift cards to residents to help with immediate needs. Continue to pray for people who have suffered loss and for our volunteers serving.