About DR Appreciation Day

May 22 is Missouri Baptist Disaster Relief (MODR) Appreciation Day for all of our team members. MODR transforms lives and communities with the gospel by bringing hope, help, and healing in times of crisis. It’s the team members that make it happen so let’s say “Thank you!” to show our appreciation.

Some things you may not know about our statewide DR efforts:

  • This is a ministry of the Missouri Baptist Convention supported by the Cooperative Program, the Rheubin L. South Missouri Missions Offering, the DR Legacy Fund, and designated gifts.
  • Our DR team is composed of over 2,000 trained team members from 800 churches, 58 associations, and every region of the state!
  • Our first response was in 1986.

In 2021, we saw:

19 salvations

19 responses and several local responses by our teams.

3920 sbdr volunteer days

330 volunteer days other

33777 work hours

29476 meals prepared

35 tear out jobs

15 sifting jobs

2416 Showers

1321 loads of laundry

206 total children cared for

26 debris removal jobs

318 chainsaw jobs

488 heavy equipment hours

30 temporary roofing jobs

57 Flood recovery jobs

Thanks to all who serve the Lord through Missouri Baptist Disaster Relief